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Belonging in WL.G

What We Do

We are committed to a new era of leadership and leadership development. 

You may have met us at a We-Q series of live event, by invitation from someone you know, or you found us from the Prometheus Project's www information site.  The WeLead.Global is an extension of those communities. 

We assert that insight and learning happen over time and on purpose. From reflection and expression of intuition, imagination, and observation, WeLead.Global is a space to do that, individually, collectively, transparently and outside of the stuff of social media.

WL.G Mission

"To explore insights and experiences with others | to learn and represent what makes leading clear | so that we all can make leaders common."

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WL.G Advocates

Some of our members take on the opportunity to build and sustain this community and its future potential, as WL.G Advocates.  This is a learning journey of its own!

Sponsoring members

Larger organizations, industry associations, universities, large consultancies, and services companies can become sponsoring members of the organization, events, resources, and research of WeLead.Global.

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